About Me

Hi! I’m Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag.  I’m a Management, Human Resources and Training Consultant.  I started doing this part-time in 2003 then went full time early in 2008 after resigning from my full time job as Learning Consultant and Business School Head.

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Prior to this, I was a Certified Training Manager in my first job in the restaurant industry.  As Certified Training Manager, I trained all the newly-hired managers, supervisors and team members in the stores where I was assigned.  I was also responsible for their assessment, skill validation, performance evaluation and in preparing them for future promotions.  After that I worked in a training firm where I learned to design, develop and run training programs and make training manuals.

I eventually worked in a multinational company where I gained more skills and exposure in the different functions of the Human Resources Department and where I was given the opportunity to design, develop and run training modules and programs for the company’s employees in the Philippines and abroad.  It was also in this company where I designed and managed individual training plans as well as coached and counseled hundreds of employees on their career while employed as  a Training Officer and eventually as Training Manager.  Moreover, I was part of the HR Team that assessed and prepared employees for career advancements or promotions.  I resigned from my job as Training Manager to publish and launch the first book I authored.

Shortly after I  published my book, I was hired as a Human Resources Manager where I established and improved HR systems for the company.  On top of that, I launched culture-building programs, developed and executed a development plan to improve the skills of the employees and helped the owners in right-sizing the company.

I also did career coaching and counseling as part of my ministry/service to single working professionals while I was still single.

I’m now married and lives in Manila, Philippines working as an author, freelance contributing writer and editor for various publications, consultant and career coach and counselor. I also get invited as resource speaker at various events in schools and universities, companies, religious organizations as well as in tv and radio programs.

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