Do you have a start-up business where you want to establish HR systems?

Do you need help in coming up with your company vision and mission statement?

Do you need help in clarifying your desired company culture and in buidling it?

Do you need help in improving the performance of your employees and your company as a whole?

Do you have problematic employees and you need help or advice in dealing with them?

Or were you a start-up that’s now in the process of growing your business and you want more order and system in doing things?

Do you want to have a training plan for the leaders in your organization and need help in implementing it?

Take a look at the services I offer and partner with me in growing your start-up business.

Consulting Services usually offered to Start-ups and to Start-ups who are already growing their business:

Teambuilding Workshops
Role Negotiation Workshops
Strategic Planning Workshop
Developing and Vision and Mission Statement Workshop
Basic Management Training Program
Performance Management Training
Customer Service basics for Frontliners
Telephone Excellence Workshop

I also help start-ups or start-ups who are already growing their businesses to come up with their own employee handbook or set of policies. If they already have an existing handbook, I help them improve on it and help them plan for the launch and assist them in the roll out or execution. I help them establish a Performance Management System by assisting them in coming up with their own performance evaluation forms which are anchored on their company values, competency-based and takes out as much subjectivity as possible.  Moreover, I train the leaders in their organization in preparation for the roll out or implementation of their new Performance Management System.  I also help those who still need to establish a recruitment process for their company.

On top of those services, there are companies who ask me to help them come up with employee programs and activities to meet their goals, too.

You can also hire me to coach your high potentials to prepare them for future promotions or to help your newly-promoted supervisors and managers transition into their new roles.

Other Training Programs I Conduct:

The PRICE every Sales Person needs to pay to bring in sales consistently
Advance Customer Service Workshop
Time Management and Goal-setting Workshop
Work-Life Balance Seminar
Competency-based Interviewing
How to Conduct Effective Meetings
Stress Management Workshop
Problem Solving and Decision Making
Change Management
5S of Good Housekeeping
Food Safety and Sanitation

I have conducted other training programs in the past years which were customized to the needs of our clients. Most of my training programs, although they follow a certain framework, are customized according to the unique needs of my clients. I make use of a lot of Structured Learning Exercises (SLE) in my trainings or workshops to get as much involvement and learning from my participants. I also design my own SLEs every now and then when I see the need to modify and customize.

Contact me to share and discuss with me your business/HR plans or concerns and I would be happy to partner with you in helping you move closer to your goals.

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